19 and Pregnant

I was 19 and in love. We got married on a chilly day in early September. Everything was perfect. We had a plan. Our house was being built for us, my new husband had started a business, and we would...Continued

The Doorbell Rang

We always knew we wanted more than two children, and after my wife's unplanned hysterectomy, we began taking steps to adopt through the county's foster adoption program. After completing our licensing requirements, we both felt uneasy and lacked God's peace...Continued

Not Just a Pill

On December 16, 2021, the FDA reported that they are permanently removing the in-clinic dispensing regulation for abortion pills which permits the pills to be sent via mail without an in-person visit. This means that mothers will take the pills...Continued

Divinely Unplanned

The genealogy of Jesus includes some of the most recognized men in the Bible, such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David, and King Solomon. Amongst the men's names are five women, Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. Including a woman's...Continued

One Day Made All the Difference

I stared down vigilantly at the car seat, panic and heartache among my emotions.  One day ago, I was pregnant and excited to welcome my baby into this world.  But this day we were driving our brand new baby to the emergency...Continued

Pregnant in a Pandemic

Maybe you’re like me and have found out that you are pregnant during a pandemic.  Riots, political unrest, and death tolls dominate the news.  How can you bring a child into this crazy world? People ask us.  Perhaps we wonder ourselves....Continued