Considering Abortion?

Now that you’ve discovered you are pregnant, you may be considering abortion. Often, women choose abortion because they do not know what else to do and they think it is their only option. Before you move forward on that decision, there are some important and very helpful first steps. You and your pregnancy decision are important to us. Life Light offers free mentoring regarding your options but we do not provide nor refer to abortion services or providers and we do not profit from your choice.

Abortion can be a serious medical procedure terminating a pregnancy. You need to have the facts about possible risks. We promise to give you information without judgement so you can make a confident choice. After all, it costs nothing to talk with us!

Knowing if Abortion is Right for You

Don’t be pressured into making a quick decision. This choice is yours. Remind yourself to slow down to think and breathe. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I really pregnant?
  • How far along am I?
  • What are the different abortion procedures?
  • Should I have an STD/STI test before proceeding with an abortion?
  • What can happen if I have an abortion with an untreated STD/STI?
  • What do I believe about abortion?
  • Do I think abortion ends a human life?
  • Do I fully understand the risks associated with abortion?
  • Will I feel differently in 10 years about my choice?
  • Have I considered my other options fully?
  • Do I fully understand the emotional aspects of abortion?
  • Who can I talk with about my fears and hopes for my future?

Every one of these questions is difficult to answer, but very important. We truly hope you will take the time to consider how you feel about each one.

Services Disclaimer

Life Light does not provide nor refer to abortion service or providers.