I’ve Already Had an Abortion and Don’t Want Another One. What Are My Options?

Re-examining your pregnancy options after experiencing an abortion can be difficult. At Life Light, we are here to help you look at your options. When you’re unexpectedly pregnant again, you may better understand what you don’t want. We are here to listen and talk over your options.

If you don’t want an abortion, you have two options. Both parenting and adoption involve carrying the baby to term. They each present unique challenges but may provide the clarity you desire. 

A Closer Look at Parenting

You likely have your ideas of what parenting would look like. It’s a challenging responsibility and requires much patience and commitment. But it could be the right choice for you. 

Think carefully about your willingness to parent. Your child deserves a loving, stable presence in their life. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Do I have a stable income to provide what my child needs?
  • What do I know about parenting? What would I like to learn?
  • Will the child’s father be involved?
  • Do I have a strong support system?
  • Is my living environment suitable for a child?

Parenting is a big decision, but watching your child grow and develop their interests can be rewarding. Also, you may need to put your goals on hold for a short time; it won’t be forever.

Life Light Pregnancy Help Center can walk you through the parenting option. Our mentors will provide information about our parenting classes and available material support. You can learn whether this choice suits you in a pressure-free environment.

Adoption: Is It Right for Me?

Many people believe adoption involves a woman “giving up her baby” and never forming a relationship with the child. While it’s true that you can pursue a closed adoption and keep your information confidential, many misconceptions surround this option. 

Adoption involves placing a child in a loving family to provide them with the best chances for a successful future. It’s a difficult choice but a selfless one. And you have total control. 

As the birth mother, you can select the adoption plan right for you. Open, semi-open, and closed adoptions allow a different level of contact and confidentiality. You can opt to form a relationship with the child or remain anonymous. It’s your choice.

You’ll never pay for adoption services or be pressured to make a specific decision. You may even be entitled to financial and material assistance during your pregnancy. 

Our center can help you weigh the pros and cons of adoption and refer you to trustworthy organizations. We’re here to help you navigate this situation. 

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Life Light Pregnancy Help Center offers free, confidential services for those facing unplanned pregnancies. We provide on-site, self-administered pregnancy tests, ultrasounds on a visiting mobile unit, and mentoring performed by our peer counselors.

We’re here for you; don’t feel you must experience your situation alone. 
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