It is our vision to reflect the light of Christ so that our clients and their children may walk in His truth (3 John vs. 4) and embrace the sacredness of life.  Our desire is to equip parents with the tools necessary to become healthy, happy participants in their children’s lives.

Our Vision Statement

Why We Began

Life Light Pregnancy Help Center came into being in the Redding area in 1981. It was established by a group of concerned evangelical, non-denominational Christians.  Their concern was how they could positively impact and promote a culture of life in the local community. They started Life Light as a direct response to the passing of Roe vs. Wade that legalized abortion nationally.

First called Birthright of Redding in 1981, it was renamed Life Light Pregnancy Help Center in 1994 for several good reasons.  We have remained the same committed organization since the beginning of that first visionary team of volunteers in 1981. 

Our Beliefs

We believe that life is sacred from conception to natural death and offer hope to anyone seeking our help.

Our Guiding Values:

  • Jesus
  • Compassion
  • Truth
  • Education

Our Peer Counselors

Peer counselors are the lifeblood of Life Light Pregnancy Help Center. They give their time and compassion to clients who need someone to believe in them. Our peer counselors provide one-on-one care to our clients while demonstrating the loving mission of our organization.