Stop, Drop and Pray

Stop, Drop and Pray

By Erin Hage

I can remember as a kid my parents involving us (their four daughters) in their prayer time.  They would share with us the needs and our family would come together to pray.  One very specific need stands out. Our car had died and needed a new engine. We prayed, saved, watched and waited.  My dad worked hard picking up overtime and we also put money aside.  When all was said and done the engine cost $4,000 and we had saved $4,036.  Because my parents had us join them in prayer, I understood that all the money provided was from God.

My husband and I want to pass this family tradition along to our children. We want to pray with them more than just a quick prayer at lunch and before bed. We want to invite them into our sweet prayer times with Jesus.  If they get up and I'm still praying, I invite them to join me and pray out loud giving them a chance to pray too. We also thank God for who He is & what He is doing around us.  We constantly say out loud, "Thank you Lord" when we see a blessing from Him during the day.  We found when we acknowledge Him out loud; it helps us to remember all the blessings of the day!

In an effort to involve our kids more, we started a family prayer journal.  We write in our journal things that are on our hearts and things we want Him to change in us.  Then we all get on our knees and pray.  It isn't always deep prayers of confession or intercession.  In fact, Ella our 3 year old, consistently prays for two things: a unicorn and that Satan won't ruin Christmas.  We all giggle a little bit, but in her little heart it's what she wants to talk to God about.  She also prays that God will take away her selfishness and that’s when my heart melts.  It is really such a beautiful thing to hear a child pour their heart out to God.

We are also on an email prayer chain at our church.  When something comes across the prayer chain, we put down whatever we are doing and pray.  If we get a text from someone asking for prayer, we do the same thing, stop, drop and pray.  If we are struggling at doing life together, you guessed it; we pray.
It starts with you.  It starts with me.  We should be parents who are committed to prayer.  Let us be committed to raise a generation that is dedicated to prayer.  Let us pray and surrender our children to Him for His use!  I can hardly wait to see how God uses my children for His glory.  I already see glimpses of it as they surrender their lives to Him in prayer.  I don't think that there is anything more important we can teach our children than to cry out to Jesus when times are hard or good. He is my Rock, He is my Redeemer and He is my everything!  I pray that He is my children’s everything too!