Our {Upside Down} Christmas List

Merry Christmas! We hope this blog gives you some "food for thought" as your family celebrates our Lord's first Advent. Erin is a wife and mother to four energetic children ages 9, 7, 5 & 3.

My family gets so much joy each year as we write out our Christmas list. I say that it’s our list “turned upside down” because the focus is changed from the things we want and think we need, and it puts the focus on Jesus & others. It’s been a really fun tradition for us!

So here’s how it works. We pray & compile a list of things we’d like to do for others or give to others. Then we make (or buy) little cards to hand out with each thing we do or give explaining the purpose behind what we are doing, which is to make sure Jesus’ birthday is celebrated. So we “do” or “give” in His honor. The idea is a spin off from the thought of doing “random acts of kindness” & we just put our own twist on it for Christmas! Some years we choose 25 things & do one each day leading up to Christmas, some years we only do 5 things. I've found if we keep the list smaller, we can put more effort in to each one! It has been so much fun to see each year how our list turns out as we pray & watch what God does! Here's our list this year:

  • Bake for a stranger & drive around and deliver to someone you see who may need some encouragement & a treat.
  • Bake for neighbors/local friends & deliver.
  • Visit an elderly home & sing a few Christmas songs & make a little craft for them.
  • Visit someone who is unable to make it out because of health reasons.
  • Surprise a friend at work with lunch.
  • Run a treat & note out to the trash man.
  • Send the mail lady (or man) a treat in the mailbox with a note.
  • Help someone with a house project (a random person, or someone we know).
  • Give a large tip at a restaurant & leave a note explaining the tip.
  • Pay for someone’s meal anonymously and ask their waiter to leave them a note with our explanation.  

Do you want to join us by making your own list?! If you do, comment below how God uses your family this season! What are your Christmas traditions? Let us know so we can join your family & share in the joy of seeing God at work during the Christmas season! Merry Christmas from our Life Light family to your family!

Erin Hage